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Fidget Central Fidget Pad - Fidget Controller Toy for Highly Increased Focus

Fidget Central Fidget Pad - Fidget Controller Toy for Highly Increased Focus

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  • Ergonomic Design for Easy Use: The PILPOC Fidget Pad Controller is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. It's lightweight and compact, making it easy to store in your pocket and take along for fidgeting on the go.
  • Diverse Fidget Functions: This Fidget Pad Controller offers 8 different fidget functions, including a clickable rotatable joystick, four buttons with both audible and silent clicks, a gear roller, a grip-textured massage roller, a clickable switch, a spinnable dial, a spring-loaded slider, and a grip-textured section, providing a variety of tactile experiences.
  • High-Quality Protective Case Included: Each PILPOC Fidget Pad Controller comes with an exclusive, high-quality case that ensures the fidget toy remains protected. The case's durability allows for easy portability, and its aesthetic design makes it an appealing gift option.
  • Premium Quality Materials and Build: Constructed from high-quality ABS plastic, the Fidget Pad Controller features a smooth rubberized surface for comfortable handling. The design includes soft rubber buttons, a responsive joystick, and both crisp clicking and silent buttons, emphasizing durability and user experience.
  • Helpful in Maintaining Focus and Relaxation: The PILPOC Fidget Pad Controller is designed as a tool to aid in maintaining focus and relaxation. It is suitable for a wide range of users, including students, office workers, and those who enjoy tactile stimulation to stay engaged and relaxed.

Product Description

Buy the premium quality PILPOC Fidget Pad Controller and become relaxed instantly. This perfect size 8 functions fidget toy will help you stay focused on your studies or on your job's tasks.

PILPOC Fidget Pad Controller

Dimensions (approximately):

Pad: 2.8IN * 1.4IN * 1.0IN (7.1CM * 3.5CM * 2.5CM)

Case (approx): 4.3IN * 2.3IN * 1.1IN (11CM * 6CM * 3CM)

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Why PILPOC Fidget Pad?

Our set is a complete fidget set and includes PILPOC Fidget Pad, exclusive protective case to keep the pad intact and a special bonus Fidget Flippy Chain.

The Most Beautiful Colors

Our exclusive protective zipper case keeps your Fidget Pad Controller intact when you put it in your purse or in your pocket. Just choose your favorite color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black or mix colors, and start fidget!

Fits Perfectly In The Palm Of Your Hand

Our Fidget Pad Controller is made of ABS plastic, has a smooth surface and soft silicone rubber buttons, excellent joystick, crisp clicking sound and both audible and silent actions!

Exclusive Case, Makes An Awesome Gift

PILPOC Fidget Pad is great for all ages (from age 8). It has both audible sides and silent sides so you can take to your class or into meetings without interrupting others. An exclusive case is included so it also makes a great gift.

Perfect Size, Great Feel

Dimensions (approximately):

Pad: 2.8IN * 1.4IN * 1.0IN (7.1CM * 3.5CM * 2.5CM)

Case (approx): 4.3IN * 2.3IN * 1.1IN (11CM * 6CM * 3CM)

PILPOC - A Brand You Can Trust

PILPOC is constantly looking for trending and life-improving products to help you have a better and more comfortable life. Our main goal is to provide you with the highest quality products so you will be happy with every time you buy a PILPOC product.

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