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Fidget Central Flippy Chain Fidget Toy - Fidget Roller - for Reducing Stress, ADHD, Anxiety, Improving Focus

Fidget Central Flippy Chain Fidget Toy - Fidget Roller - for Reducing Stress, ADHD, Anxiety, Improving Focus

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  • RELIEVES STRESS & INCREASES CONCENTRATION: PILPOC Fidget Flippy Chain can help significantly calm nerves, improving focus and increasing concentration. Perfect for adults & children, those with anxiety or ADHD and even the elderly to help with manual dexterity.
  • NOISE-FREE METAL CHAIN LINKS: Our flippy chain fidget toys are connected by premium stainless steel rings and are completely silent. Comes in a three pack and tri-colored variations. Slip between your fingers without fear of our fidget chain breaking or corroding.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: These sensory fidget toys are pocket-sized, lightweight (0.03lb) and portable. Fidget roller toy for anywhere: whether it's in class, attending a meeting or on the phone, keep your hands busy. Also prevent unwanted habits such as smoking and nail biting.
  • EXCLUSIVE GIFT CASE: Our fidget chain includes a high quality protective case, making it an ideal birthday gift or ideal stocking filler for all ages. Our PILPOC promise, which means that if there are any issues with our bike chain fidget roller toy, simply contact us for immediate support
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Product Description

Buy the quiet, most simple and useful fidget toy - PILPOC Fidget Flippy Chain (Key Ring) and become relaxed instantly. This perfect size stainless steel silent fidget toy will help you stay focused on your studies or on your job's tasks!

PILPOC Fidget Flippy Chain 3 pieces set

Case diameter: 3.2 inches / 8 cm

Case height: 1 inch / 2.5 cm

Total weight: 0.14 lbs / 67 grams

Ring diameter: 1.18 inches / 3 cm

Case + 3 Fidget Flippy Chains

You can choose your favorite colors:

1. Black, Blue and Green

2. Black, Purple and Orange

3. Black, Red and Yellow

And each set comes with a beautiful protective case so you will not lose your PILPOC Fidget Flippy Chain!

Easy to Carry

PILPOC Fidget Flippy Chain Key Ring is small and portable so you can take it anywhere with you. No matter where you are, whether at your work, your home or studying at school, take our flippy chain fidget toy with you and stay focused.

Made to Ease Stress and Increase Concentration

PILPOC Fidget Flippy Chain key ring stress toy is perfect for ADD, ADHD, autism or anxiety. Ideal for students, office workers and everyday fidgeters.

Perfect Sensory Toy that Keeps Your Fingers Busy

PILPOC Fidget Flippy Chain is both pocket size and portable. Each Flippy Ring weighs about 0.03 lbs (15 grams) and the case is no thicker than your wallet, so you can take it anywhere with you.

Exclusive Protective Case, Easy to Carry, Awesome Gift

PILPOC Fidget Flippy Chain key ring includes an exclusive, high quality, beautiful protective case that keeps the rings together. You can carry it all day in your pocket without worrying that you lose it, and this beautiful case also makes a great gift!

PILPOC - A Brand You Can Trust

The toys called "Fidget Toys" have become the ideal allies to combat the nerves and anxiety, both within educational environments of school or university type as in the offices of companies’ leaders. And not only do fidget toys help relieve stress but they also help to quit smoking and stop biting nails, as they keep one's hands busy.

PILPOC is constantly looking for life-improving fidget toys to help you have a better and more comfortable life. Our main goal is to provide you with the highest quality products with the best service, so you will be happy and relaxed with every time you buy a PILPOC product.

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