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Fidget Central NEW 1:3 Multitypes Anti-Stress Gun

Fidget Central NEW 1:3 Multitypes Anti-Stress Gun

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New 1:3 Multitypes Anti-Stress Toys Metal Pistol Gun Keychain Miniature Model Beretta 92F Colt 1911 Glock 17 Birthday Gifts"

Shipping Date: Due to customs inspection, it needs to be disassembled and sent. Orders can be sent out within 72 hours. However, due to the logistics party, the waybill number will be added in a few days.

Can Shoot? What is the size of the model? What is the material? Can't shoot! 1:3 Beretta 92F Keychain, the size is 8cm*5cm*1.5cm. Material: Zinc Alloy Sleeve. No deformation, no fading, no disassembly, no modification. The barrel is solid.

How to play? This keychain can be used to simulate loading, with a sound when the trigger is pulled, and a manual empty warehouse. It is small and interesting, very suitable for gifts or collections.

Collection Value? Generally applicable to gun mold collectors. You can put it in your school bag as an accessory. Generally, children from 3 to 6 years old can be used as toys. 7-18 years old are more enthusiastic about dismantling and understanding guns and playing with cartridge cases. Adults generally collect and disassemble, so the gun type is more suitable for all ages. There are many all-metal gun mold parts, which are very suitable for disassembly, static display, collection, and gift giving.

Mainland Model Number: JY220509-4

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